Why is the item I just purchased still showing in search as "available in stock"?


For items that are ( more than one available) from the point of sale, it may take several hours or days for the google photo inventory updater to update the photo of the remaining available item. " If the remaining in stock item is the same as the one currently pictured in the sales add that you purchased, then it may not update as the customer will receive the same item or photo however the signature will not be 100% identical to the one currently listed in the sales add. keep in mind no two signatures are %100 percent identical, ( unless it was made with a copy machine ) we do not sell signatures created with a copy machine. This means that when an item is sold, the photo of the sold item may continue to show in search until it is updated by google or until we are out of stock of that particular item.. We are not responsible for photos of items that we have offered in the past or currently that have been copied by the public and listed for sale through other sales venues like Ebay!